22.03, Raspberry 4B, reading DS18B20 temp sensors

I have two DS18B20 temperature sensors attached to my Raspberry Pi 4B via 1-Wire-system.
I can successfully read the sensor data, when booted via Raspberry PI OS:
cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/${PROBEADDRESS}/w1_slave
and query a list of the attached sensors addresses via modprobe w1-therm

Now the challange would be, to do this on OpenWRT 22.03:
I've found that I need a few more packages:

But when I tried to follow this, I soon :astonished: and :confused: and then :sob:.
Wow, this is some serious gourmet complicated issue in OpenWRT.... Installing opkg packages would have been fine, but having to compile stuff and all? Isn't there a simpler option?

Update: I did not succeed with a solution, but after some more research, I think I have now at least a better understanding of the problem context:

The raspberry GPIO (and likely also the GPIO pins of other boards) offers different external IO protocols:

  • SPi
  • i2c
  • 1wire

The temp sensor DS18B20 I am talking about needs the 1wire protocol, which seems not supported/maintained any more in OpenWRT, the OpenWRT wiki lists SPI and i2c only: https://openwrt.org/toh/raspberry_pi_foundation/raspberry_pi#using_i2c_and_spi

Seems other people had the problem identified earlier: