[22.03] Assign VLANID to device by MAC rule?

Problem: Is it possible to have tagged and untagged network devices on same OpenWrt router port?

Description: IPTV boxes are tagged with VLAN6 and get IP settings from ISP, while all other network devices are untagged and are managed by home router (eg., OpenWrt). Tricky part - IPTV and other devices are connected to the same router port (via unmanaged network switch).

ISP router somehow does routing and everything works, but settings are locked behind master password. Any other 3rd party router can only tag port with VLAN, so only IPTV boxes can be connected to this port. Other local network computers need to be connected to untagged ports or they won't get internet.

I believe that VLAN is assigned to IPTV box with the help of mac rule, where wildcard is made of first 6 digits of IPTV mac address. Can't think of anything else because IPTV device, when connected directly to the fiber converter, doesn't get correct IP settings and fails to complete registration. So the magic happens in the router.

Google says "trunk port", but is it possible? While learning is 'fun', I don't want to go in circles trying to do something what's technically is not possible on OpenWrt.

(Bellow is a diagram of network. 'Fun' part is marked in green.

Technically, yes - but strongly discouraged (and not all switch chipsets found in common OpenWrt routers will support this). However, as soon as you have more than one VLAN on a port (tagged or not), you will need (smart-)managed switches, unmanaged ones do not support this (undefined behaviour).

Unfortunately, it's either untagged (VLAN1?) and VLAN6 on same deivce port or hell of a network cables running around the house. ISPs router settings are very limited and I need to come up of solution of my own?

Are advanced settings available on OpenWrt web console or do I need to use SSH console for this?

Small managed switches (including OpenWrt supported ones) don't need to be expensive (also look at the used markets).