22.03.0 is killing wifi chips?

Thanks @slh - great add! I am embarrassed that I forgot to mention the country code!!

This morning it was dead again. Did not have much time for post-mortem analysis, because my wife needed wifi, but a look in the logs didn't show anything unexpected, and 'iw dev wlan0 scan' showed nothing. Now I have my 'box2' running rc5 back on duty.

This device is old, >10 years, and just has a simple 2.4GHz bgn wifi. So no DFS. The country code is set, and the wifi config is pretty clean.

It can be just coincidence. As said, the devices are old, and some part has to die first. Why not the radio chip? It's just a bit alarming that from 3 devices 2 turned out to have a defect wifi, while running 22.03. On the other hand, one is still going strong. I think it has been running rc5 for more than a month, now.
BTW, the wifi chip is a Ralink RT3062F, connect on PCI (unfortunately soldered), using the rt2800 driver.