22.03.0 Imagebuilder & libwolfssl5

So as of today, when I go to build a new firmware image with the 22.03.0 builder, using the list of currently installed packages on my router (export from opkgscript.sh), the build fails because of 'libwolfssl5.4.0.ee39414e'.
If I manually remove that package from being built then it succeeds because it actually goes and downloads 'libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e'. That's great and all. I suspect because somewhere, the package feeds were updated.
The trouble is 2 fold I think:

  1. I have a process built around doing a nightly export of installed packages. Seems good on paper.
  2. When those packages have changed within the feeds or wherever, but the versions mismatch, the process borks.

BTW, I thought, oh, this might be an easy fix if I just go an update to libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e via opkg but that version isn't available after doing an opkg update so I am stuck with it until it is OR I do a manual skip, build the new image with the new version, and then hope I don't encounter this too more often.

Perhaps for another topic, I'll see how to compare the array of packages against a valid list of packages, if something like that exists...

You have to wait until both the images buildbot and the packages buildbot have rebuilt stuff after the recent wolfssl version bump.

It can take a few days.

To me it looks like the 22.03 images buildbot has already rebuilt SDKs for all targets after woflssl version bump:

But on the packages feed, the changes forcing rebuilds were actually reverted for now by @ynezz to wait until the images buildbot has built the SDKs. (looks like it has built them now...)

So, you likely need to wait a bit (or naturally you could also compile directly from sources with the full toolchain).

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Thanks hnyman! So really just bad timing to try to improve my image building scripts :smile:

Is it safe to assume that once the packages buildbot completes that 'libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e' would then become available to upgrade via opkg update?

I am totally down with that being my workaround until I decide to build in some logic to compare my packages array to something exported from 'opkg list' and then do the shuffling to accommodate any mismatches.

Actually, libwolfssl should already be available for all targets, I think.

Your error probably comes from "too specific" ABI versioning of the package in your build recipe. You should not included the exact version in your build script.
You should just specify 'libwolfssl'

Seems fair, however, programmatically, how does one remove all of the specific stuff leaving only "libwolfssl" in such a way that doesn't detriment other packages in the build like mwan3 or kmod-r8169. The package name via opkg list-installed | cut -d ' ' -f1 shows the 5.4.0.ee39414e part as the package name and so does LuCI's Software page.

doing an opkg list-installed | cut -d ' ' -f1 and then doing some further processing to remove ending numerical values would end up messing up other things.

Just wanted to close this one out that after letting the packages feeds update overnight and updating the wolfssl packages on my router, the builds are working again.

Marked the solution in the thread.

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