21.02 reboot of rpi or wan renew always assigns new ip

I have a fiber modem connected in bridge mode to rpi4 with wan has the on board port and lan as usb rtl582 dongle.

It seems if i reboot the rpi4 it will take 45-60 mins to get internet connectivty. I can see on reboot it grabs a new IP and does not re-use the same assigned wan ip, but the routing is not working untill 45-60 mins or i reboot the modem.

On reboot if I can keep the same IP that was set for wan then i wont have the routing issue. My ip before switching routers (ubiqiti edge router) to openwrt 21.02 has not changed in almost a year and router reboots routed traffic right away on start up.

Any idea to get openwrt to keep/try reuse the wan ip it was assigned?


Happens on my Archer C7 v2 as well.

ifup wan will also generate a new wan IP.

Several posts about it in the 21.02.1 release thread.

While that might be ISP mandated behaviour, take a look at your WANs MAC address - does it remain the same over a reboot?

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Is that a openwrt feature on 21.02 to change the wan Mac address on every reboot?

How would I check this? Ifconfig?

No, but that would be one of the first (and easiest) things to confirm in cases like this.


The WAN MAC address does not change for me.