21.02 luci how i bridge wan & lan

with 21.02 luci how i bridge wan & lan as with old v17.05 version

i have not found option in luci graphics pages ...

found : Network -> Devices -> Configure -> Bridge ports and i can tag wan port

pity that the port is no longer grayed out when there is no cable connected

You're talking about reassigning the WAN Ethernet port to be an extra LAN port? This is not the same as "bridging wan and lan" which is a concept that makes no sense anyway. After moving the Ethernet port out, the wan network will still exist though possibly with no physical connections.

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Found options as old luci

Devices -> Configure

General device -> i can tag all lan's & wan

Bridge device -> Bridge VLAN filtering a,d i see lan connected not greyed & not connected greyed ...

In this page i can Add Vlan ??? no !!! ...

Advanced device options -> exist IGMP 1 or 2 or 3