21.02.3 Locked out of SSH & LUCI on LAN

I just upgraded this unit from 19.07 to 21.02.3

I set the unit up as a Dumbap, all is working fine. The only issue I am having is that I cannot ssh or access luci from any other machine on the LAN, including my main openwrt router. I am getting "Connection refused" trying to SSH from another machine.

However, if I hardwire to the dumbap, or connect via wireless to the unit, I can access both ssh and luci. Is there something different with firewall config in 21.02.3 that would cause this?

Did you keep settings when you ran the upgrade? How is this device connected to the upstream network?

I thought I did a clean upgrade without saving settings. It is connected via hardwire (cat6). My main openwrt router, and switch are in the basement.

If you did a clean upgrade without saving settings, the device would obviously have been reset to defaults -- this is a good thing. But did you reconfigure everything including changing the LAN address on the dumb AP?

Is the dumb AP connected by the LAN or WAN port to the upstream network?

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CAT6 wall termination ------> WAN port --------------> Local devices connect to LAN ports

The unit is given DHCP from my openwrt router downstairs.

By default, the WAN port is assumed to be the WAN (i.e. the upstream and untrusted network) and is thus firewalled. Try connecting to your LAN port (or reassigning the physical WAN port to the lan). Be sure that you have changed the LAN IP address of this device such that it doesn't conflict with the upstream router and verify the DHCP server is disabled. This is all outlined in the dumb AP guide:

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Turns out that I didn't do a complete wipe.

Ended up doing: mtd -r erase rootfs_data

I actually have three of these:

I half bricked one of them doing this upgrade, it was in a bootloop. I discovered by accident trying everything I could think of, out of desperation, that pressing WPS + WiFi buttons simultaneously, power it up, puts the unit in bootloader mode. Giving access to "Breed Web" a Chinese bootloader web interface to change RAM freq settings, and force upgrade firmware. Brought it back to life.

Used the second post, to set it up as a dumbap:
Help setting up Dumb AP on OpenWrt 21.02 - #2 by trendy

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