21.02.1 menu is on the left side


why is it changed from centered menu to the left? you have to move the mouse more to work with the menus. when it is centered, it is much faster to move the mouse....

might be relevant


I noticed this yesterday on one of my devices. I haven't updated it since I installed 21.02. My other OpenWrt device still have the menu in the center.

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you can fix until 21.02.2 is released:

sed -i -e 's#padding:0}header a{#padding:0 calc((100% - 940px) / 2 + 5px)}header a{#' /www/luci-static/bootstrap/cascade.css

there is an update already
load the update list in software & look under updates
I think it was "luci boot strap themes " or something like that

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what do you mean? on the stable it is not changeable.

I saw this issue on a 21.02 device, I'm guessing it's because a package was updated. I think what Lucky1 means is that you can update a package, and that will move the menu back to the middle.


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