21.02.1 Dark Mode

I'll start by saying I love most things dark mode. My phone, my computer, Discord, Slack, everything I can for the most part.

However... I really dislike darkmode that was added in 21.02.1. The blue against the black is awful. I'm guessing some people like it but I hate it almost as much as I hated the new purple firefox logo. Is there an option to turn it off? I can't find it if it exists.

I think it would be find if it was white text or something else but that blue and black is too much

you can install any of the other ones

luci-theme-bootstrap - git-21.298.79182-a706a9c - Bootstrap Theme (default)
luci-theme-material - git-21.295.66888-fc702bc - Material Theme
luci-theme-openwrt - git-21.285.75929-137ede6 - LuCI OpenWrt.org theme
luci-theme-openwrt-2020 - git-21.295.66961-f9e9fcf - LuCI modern OpenWrt theme
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it is not so bad for me. i like it

Note that dark mode in its current form is more or less a naive inversion of the color values. There’s certainly room for improvement, but that requires constructive actionable suggestions.

Will look into implementing a config override for enabling/disabling/auto-toggling it.

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sorry, but how can i enable this setting?

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same question from me

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Dark mode appears to follow the browser or OS global setting. As of now, I am not aware of a way to toggle it within LuCI, but it should respect the setting up of your browser or OS - just tested with the iOS system settings for dark mode and safari.

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If you opkg upgrade luci-theme-bootstrap to the latest version, you'll be able to toggle between "Bootstrap" (light/dark depending on OS/Browser settings), "BootstrapLight" (force light) and "BootstrapDark" (force dark) in the System->System->Language and Style design selection config.


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