21.02.01 on DIR-882 - loses config

Using recovery mode I installed 21.02.01 onto my D-Link DIR-882L(CA v.a1)
Everything seemed to got fine except when I went to reboot it lost its config.
This is repeatable. The system log is issue errors from jffs2:

jffs2_scan_eraseblock() Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at ......

Any advice?

is it possible you flashed the initramsf version this would have that effect

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Possible, but not probable, I will check anyways.

Good News - I resolved the issue but it took a little work.
I installed the correct "install" load and then went to the firmware install page.
I used the D-Link recovery mode to do this.
I re-installed the "install" load and now everything is good.

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