21.02.0 to 21.02.1 still getting "Image check failed" MQMaker WITI256

I know 21.02.1 is not officially released - at least no official communication was sent/posted.
But I've noticed the packages for my device (mqmaker witi256) were built so I said I should bite the bullet and upgrade.
I've build my image using the official imagebuilder.
But when trying to upgrade I get the following error:

Wed Oct 27 12:11:55 EEST 2021 upgrade: The device is supported, but the config is incompatible to the new image (1.0->1.1). Please upgrade without keeping config (sysupgrade -n).
Wed Oct 27 12:11:55 EEST 2021 upgrade: Config cannot be migrated from swconfig to DSA
Image check failed.

I have to admit I've dirty restored my 19.07 backup over a clean 21.02.0 install (without network conf - manually reconfigured) but i've check both and think are correct:

                ucidef_set_compat_version "1.1"

and /etc/board.json

        "system": {
                "compat_version": "1.1"

so what am I missing to get a correct upgrade experience?

Perhaps you need to tell us which device you have - it may have been converted from sw_config to DSA

oops, you did say, sorry, wasn't obvious

Perhaps it's been converted from sw_config to DSA - no wiki up at the moment, so, no access to find out if this is the case

edit 2: Oh, wait .. your device would've updated to DSA already ... odd


config system
        option compat_version '1.1'

One of the reasons why you really shouldn't restore an older config backup beyond the swconfig --> dsa migration.

I gave up on this board because it's been broken since the kernel bump to 5.X, it's now recycled.

running just fine here with 21.02 (kernel 5.4). very reliable wifi and rock solid services.
no reason to dump it.
then again what broke for you ?

SATA was completely broken and 2.4G is kinda crap (known issue)

i don't use sata (not a fan of home based NAS) and 2.4ghz wifi is rock stable for me - it's used as backhaul for a different router to provide access for my home office so I tend to disagree with you.
I have to add that I've added heatsinks for both CPU and wifi chips and my dyi case has a good airflow

Sure, you just have loads of ports confirming the 2.4G issue with that Mediatek radio controller (MT7602) but congrats if it's working for you :wink:

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