21.02.0-rc.3: Does the switch option "igmp_v3" still exist?


I'd like to know if this option still exists and is respected by OpenWrt 21.02.0-rcX. I wonder what's it being different from "option igmp_snooping '1'" which LUCI now sets via checkbox UI.

Can OpenWrt perform IGMPv3 on bridges?

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P.S. I've read about this option at Difference between igmp_snooping on switch and interface section

I couldn't find any traces of a igmp_v3 option in the netifd sources or related scripts, so it most definitely is not supported (anymore?).

What was this option supposed to do? And did it apply to bridge port devices or bridges?

Edit: ah, judging from the linked thread igmp_v3 was a proprietary, swconfig option specific to the AR8327 driver.

Based on the commit adding it I'd say that it writes a register in the AR8327 switch driver to enable support for recognizing IGMPv3 queries.

The Linux kernel supports IGMPv3 and recognizes it by default if IGMP snooping is enabled on a bridge, so there should be no need for any additional option enabling IGMPv3 support.

There is a per-device option igmpversion though which you can use to enforce a specific IGMP protocol version for IGMP query replies emitted by the kernel, but this is out of scope for mere IGMP snooping support.


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