[21.02.0] luci-proto-bonding how to?

Hi all,

I was trying to setup port trunk on my Newifi D2 LAN1 and LAN2 to connect with my Cisco SG200-08.
I have not been successful with setting that up with firmware 21.02.0.

I already installed luci-proto-bonding, kmod-bonding and proto-bonding.

Just wondering the sequence in setting the slave bond thing.
I trial and error but have not success yet.

I refer to this link but have not understand it all yet.
The only thing I know is that @anon80727944 knows what he was doing.

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This is not an attempt to discourage you, but I spent weeks working with @LGA1150 who was kind enough to pull in up stream kernel updates into custom builds of OpenWrt. Although we made some progress, we were never able to resolve the problem of bridging across the WiFi/LAGG path, thus I abandoned all efforts and decided to leave it to others to sort out. Couple that with the fact that some of the WRT series models don't support WPA3 since Marvell basically abandoned updates to their proprietary drivers.

Since then, I purchased a new EnGenius EWS377APv3 AX3600 4x4 AP running stock OEM FW and moved on with life. I relegated the WRT series routers as dumb APs for connecting much older devices that don't support modern protocols or security standards.

Hopefully, you will have better success.

Hi @anon80727944,

Not at all, I am working on the Newifi D2 and finally got one 21.02
I wanted to do the trunking thing since 17.xx.

I have not tested but notice the default setting of wireless clients and LAN clients does not bridge?
and from what you said, do you successfully config LAGG on the LAN ports and work with other devices?


I was successfully able to create a LAGG interface with some of @LGA1150 custom builds, but it required a lot of hand tweaks to the config files and it would not work reliably upon re-boot. In one instance, I was able to increase the combined BW of two interfaces to approx 1.8 Gbps in iperf3 tests with my managed switch and three of my TrueNAS CORE servers, also configured for LAGG. The problem we were never able to resolve was bridging across the WiFi/LAGG path to the rest of the network.

Although, it would have been nice to get some more useful life out of the WRT series, the LAN side is not the bottleneck in my situation, the WiFi side is. After researching the advantages of 802.11ax, I felt I was better off investing in some new kit.

The internal MT7530 switch of MT7621 does not support LAG, which means it can only be done in software.
Even worse, on Newifi D2, the RGMII2 bus is disabled intentionally, so there is only a 1.2Gbps TRGMII link between the switch and the CPU.

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As for the mv88e6xxx's LAG issue, it's probably fixed by this commit tag_dsa: Fix mask for trunked packets.


Thank you very much for your detail information.
I can on hold my research on implementing bonding on Newifi D2.

I also have TP-Link Archer C7 v2.
Although the RAM and ROM is 16/128 and not as much as Newifi D2, would its chipset able to perform LAGG?

Or any router you would recommend...
and how did you find out those information to determine?

Thanks and regards,

It has an AR8327N switch, which does support LAG, but the driver support was not there yet.

It seems the quest for trunk is limited to certain hardware.

maybe I pick up the research again if I assemble x86 with a 4 port LAN card.

Thanks @LGA1150

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