2 WAN with 1 LAN

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve an issue that has been thrown at me by my stupid ISP.

My ISP comes over a fibre line into a GPON, ports 1,2 & 3 are set up to connect directly to an IPTV box that they provide and port 4 is for a normal internet connection.

My house has ethernet routed in the walls however where the TV is I only have 1 network socket but need to be able to connect multiple devices including the IPTV box through this 1 socket, so I have a switch at this location.

The ISP has told me that the IPTV box needs to be plugged directly into the GPON (ports 1-3) to work and can't be routed through my LAN like a normal device/client, so I am going to need to work out some kind of magic pipe through my LAN that will connect to one of the IPTV ports on the GPON.

I am fairly new to the world of networking so not sure what terminology or technology I need to be using in this situation. I have built quite a robust network at this stage with VPN policy-based routing so should be able to tackle this if I know where to start.

To me, this sounds like I have 2 WAN's which I want to be able to specify which devices go out on what WAN but have tried a few things but in all honestly I don't know what I am doing here.

I am using a Raspberry Pi to host my OpenWRT (don't hate, it's working great and I needed a very small form factor to fit in my coms cupboard) with 2 USB to Ethernet dongles to give me 2 WANS.

I have drawn a diagram below to show what I am trying to achieve here. My main worry is that the ISP will see my ethernet dongles MAC address and hops and not the IPTV directly so at this stage I am calling this a magic pipe through my LAN. :rofl:

Any help or point in the right direction would be amazing. Thank you all :slight_smile:

Is that a "managed" switch that can do VLANs?


No It is just a basic switch :confused:

You'll need some managed switch near the tv. Some other OpenWrt router can do the trick too, as it supports vlans.

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Was hoping to avoid that if possible. Is there something like policy based routing that I can use.

At the end of the day I have policy based VPNs set up to route traffic out through a VPN instead of the normal wan

If the IPTV is working with static addresses, there is a slight chance that mixing them in the same broadcast domain might work. However it is also possible that your provider might see all the lan traffic in the IPTV ports and block you.

There isn't really a way around a managed switch (which could be another OpenWrt device) near the TV (aside from running a second ethernet cable through the walls), everything else would be a fragile and insecure kludge, prone to fail at any time or provide a grand entrance to an external attacker.