2 vpn's based on OpenVPN + 2 clean ISP networks + vlans

Hello everyone !

I need to create small mess, but i don't know if its possible and eatable for OpenWRT...
I need to have 2 different vpn's based on OpenVPN and 2 no vpn networks. Everything running at the same time, separates, with differents dhcp's, on separates vlans and uses only one WAN from ISP, because on LAN output i need to have trunk output for these 2 VPN's + 2 separates no vpn networks.
Also i want these 4 different SSID from these 4 networks...

Is this possible ? It is possible that Archer C7 v2 can handle that or i need to have stronger device ? (i have this tp-link and Mi3G)

If it's possible, does anyone can give me some tips to create that ?

Best regards !

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How many ISPs do you have in this setup?

In general case, create a separate policy for each VLAN and add direct routes for each server via the respective WAN gateway.

WAN or VPN as the case may be.

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