2 small post I wrote

Hi all, I am a new openWRT user, installed on a Linksys WRT3200ACM, and I love it.

I am a unix admin and I love all the network related stuff.

I wrote two small post that could be interesting for some noob like I was until 1 month ago (and I still am LOL)

reload conf when RADAR is detected: https://www.signorini.ch/?p=974
Get rid of bufferbloat with SQM: https://www.signorini.ch/?p=1011

@siga, welcome to the community!

  • Can you explain why one would wish to reload the wireless if radar is detected?
    • As you note, it's down another 60+ seconds, so why?
  • What do you define as "false positive"
  • If you live near an airport, why do you believe these are false?
  • Why are you devices going to 2.4 GHz in the meantime?
  • Why are you insisting on a DFS channel?
  • You also make other suggestions (i.e. changing the country setting if it helps), just to note - that's also as illegal as altering other things.
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Hi lleachii,


I don't want to reload if radar is detected, I want to reload if channel goes below #100, which is usually when a radar is detected. But since my conf is on #116, it often happens that after a detection it change to 100, then again to 56 (maybe after 1 day or 2) in this case my cron script reload the conf and I get back channel 116.

False positive can happens when an interference which is not actually a RADAR is detected as a radar by mistake, this happens more often when you have 2 access points close toghether, which is my case, with the other AP on Channel 36, that's why I want to have the 2 AP on the more far channel as possible.

Maybe they are not false, maybe just a part of them are false, or maybe are all true. In any case I have a detection only in rare cases and for sure my 25mW radio does not create issue on a RADAR 5 km away. Also if radar was confirmed, the frequency would not have been given. I didn't mentioned but I guess there's a 30 minutes "lock" after a detection, in that time the same channel cannot be even asked.

That specific AP have the same SSID name and password also on 2.4GHz band, if they lose the signal on the 5GHz band they will use the other band.

Because the only non DFS channel in 80MHz width is the 36, I wrote it in the post

I mentioned specifically that the change you do on the country can only be to make it more restrictive, you didn't read well probably

I beg to differ. Not that I’ve tested it, but you could theorically change from, say, USA to Japan an that would not be more restrictive as using channels 13-14 is illegal in US but would be allowed in Japan. So changing the country affects other settings as well, not only 5GHz band, and I would not suggest to do it to stay within the legal parameters defined for your country.


The country is hard-coded in the firmware on the chip, in my case it was FR. If you change the country in your settings you cannot avoid the restriction that comes from FR, it will only add eventual others restriction. You should modify and recompile the drivers in order to change this behavior.