2 LAN separate 1 router

Hello to evreyone,
I need help to help configure my router,,here is my situation

lan1 -> my ISP modem/router IP adress 192.168.1.x, 4PC (dhcp) withe shared folder, net printer and net scanner.
lan2 -> OpenWrt 18.06.9 router IP adress 192.168.10.y, other 7 devices (dhcp)

router 2 is connected (wan port) to lan port of router1, default config every thing is ok both works fine (lan and internet).

now please I need to know how to configur my router2(OpenWrt 18) to separate lan1 from lan2, no tarffic, no ping, no discovering,no sharing nothing at all... but lan2 can see lan1 especially the printer and the shared folder.
I have tried many configurations... not working! so please if anyone can tel me step by step how to configur the firewall I'll appreciate it a lot.
Thanks in advance

set a firewall rule in the openwrt router blocking all access to router 1s subnet.

Thanks for u'r Relay..
I'm not practical, can you tell me how to do it.. mybe step by step :grimacing:

pretty much this, you might want to read the whole thread.

Thanks again frollic, I've allready read the whole thread but as i said before I'm not practical

something like this

ok frollic thanks again for your patience, just one question in my case the source zone is LAN or WAN?
Now I'm doning this, correct or not?

source zone is LAN.

you need to fill in the 1st routers LAN subnet as destination address.

look at the link provided previously.

ok withe this traffic rule LAN2 (openwrt router) have NO internet access

Did you populate the destination address as illustrated by @frollic ? (this will be

oooooook thanks a lot now I'll test it and let u know

@frollic @psherman thanks for your patience

works like a charm...
@frollic @psherman thanks again

@psherman in my case destination address is ... correct?

Yes, sorry... I misread your post initially.. is correct for your situation.

works fine thanks again for your help

Actually the default OpenWrt configuration works fine for your needs. The devices connected to the lan interface of OpenWrt are able to access the lan of the ISP router and the internet, while anything connected on the wan interface of the OpenWrt router is not allowed to access the lan of OpenWrt.

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