2 l'an on 2 vpn différents

Good morning, how are you doing ? I use a flint ax1800 router on which I have configured an OpenVpn VPN client and a Wireguard VPN client, I would like to know how to redirect ethernet port 1 on an OpenVPN client and ethernet port 2 on the Wireguard.

Hello. I did something similar, but with 2 different wireguards. I do expect to work also for WG and OpenVPN.

Create 2 new bridges:
Bridge 1 that you link to ethernet 1.
Bridge 2 that you link to ethernet 2.

Once done you create 2 interfaces: interface 1 (e.g., for Bridge 1, and interface 2 (e.g., for bridge 2. Then you use the PBR package to redirect the traffic for interface 1 to the OpenVPN wan and the traffic for interface 2 to wireguard wan.

check the pbr page, there shall be an extra set of lines to be run to have the pbr to work with OpenVPN.

with regards to the firewall, what I did was:
create a fwint that is for the interfaces 1 and 2, configured same as the lan. the fwint sends traffic to fwwg0.
fwwg0 is a second firewall rule configured as deny/allow/deny and masquerade, that sends traffic to wan.

I also created 2 different wifis: wifi1 linked to interface 1 and wifi2 linked to interface 2.

Hello and thank you for your answers, I will look in this direction, I am really a beginner in this area, I have never done anything like this, if I need, can I come back to you?


Due to working reason I tend to reply only over weekend, so no worry if I reply with delay.