2 Gbps WAN/LAN NAT Routing on ramips MT7621 devices

Hmm, this asks for a nicer way to select alternative DTSes at build time, then :frowning: The alternative right now is to create a sub-model of the router.

Well, not many people should need the 1-port old behavior, but the lack of kconfig-time configuration does get in the way of backporting this to 22.03 (not that I expect an official backport, though).

(Follow up: 3 months and one week later on the same build, no change. Still absolutely rock solid and performing as described in all roles. Current uptime 58 days; it'd be longer but I rebooted at one point because I was doing some unrelated tests and belatedly decided it was a confusion of purposes and to do them on some other device.)


This was one of the main reasons (along with the many improvements that made PPPoE & IPv6 & Hardware Offload stable) that made me switch my main home router back to OpenWrt. These routers never ran better :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Hello arinc9,

Just checking whether the current 22.03.3 Stable release includes your patches?
I did not see it on the changelog.

Have to wait until 23.xx.x stable releases?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

22.03.3 doesn't include the patch. We have to wait the next major release or make own build with patch ourselves.


Thanks csharper2005

I see it included on 22.03.3.


Edit: Ooops wrong thread

Hello arinc9,
So your patches are not included in 22.03.3?

No they're not.

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Will stick with snapshots.

Have you checked your patch with a kernel 5.15 based router ? Ramips is about to be converted to 5.15.

I did. As long as the MT7530 DSA subdriver isn't modified in a way that breaks things, this will work fine on newer kernel versions.


will i get 2gbps if i flash master snapshot on mt7621 zbtlink we1326?
Is it plug and play or do I need to do soemthing else?

Just enable hardware offloading and you're good to go.


Why this pull request is closed?

With the old way of applying patches, the PR will look closed. But it's actually merged. Only newer merged PRs show merged on GitHub.


snapshot build downloaded 7th January. Nat hw offload ON. I am getting just 650 mbps iperf3 pc server>ow client and sadly only 450 mbps ow server >Pc client

It is far from the 1gb +1gb yet.
my hw is zbtlink we1326

Are you running iperf3 on the OpenWrt router for your tests? That will not give you the correct numbers since the router CPU will not be able to generate that amount of traffic. If you want to test throughput of the router you should run iperf3 between 2 separate computers connected to the router using wired connections.


Your right, I was doing test with Iperf3 on owrt as server. I didnt know router's cpu was the bottleneck
I will try test with two computers as you suggested.Thank you!

I saw Xiaomi Router 3G v1 wasn't added into commit. Not supported due to 1-3 regs ports?