2 Gbps WAN/LAN NAT Routing on ramips MT7621 devices

Many thanks @arinc9 for your help!!!!

First of all @arinc9 , nice work! :slight_smile: performance is better than ever!
I have noticed a problem with STP (Spanning-Tree) i had the router connected to two switches (LAN1->SW1:21 LAN2->SW2:21) and spanning-tree was working great, the Cisco-switch blocked one port. after this upgrade to this patch, there is a loop in the network, when i remove LAN2 it stops. it this a known problem?

mt7621 hardware

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Is this feature enabled for Netgear WNDR3700v5 in the OpenWrt 23.05 release? Thanks.

Yes it is.

That's great. Is it always enabled or does it depend on the config? The reason I ask is because I kept the old config when upgrading OpenWRT.

I believe so. You'd still need to enable hw-offload and sqm is out of the picture with just 1 core.

Is this feature enabled on Linksys EA8100 v1?

yes the EA8100 uses the target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_linksys_ea7xxx.dtsi file

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Since it appears that the Mikrotik Hex (RB750Gr3) appears to share most of the hardware with the Hex S (RB760iGS), can we expect this to work on it as well?

Nope, arinc9 listed that device (Ubnt ER-X SPF as well) under devices that can't benefit from this change. See 1st post.

That is true, however the reason for the RB760iGS not being supported is brought up later in this thread due to the pins being wired up to the SFP port, and disabling the SFP port does allow the RB760iGS to benefit from this patch.

And as the RB750Gr3 seems to be almost identical, sans the SFP port, it may be able to benefit from this without any additional configuration.

RB750Gr3 already has the 2Gbps patch.
What patch are you expecting for it?

Ah thanks, that answers my question, as I could not find the RB750Gr3 in this thread at all.
This is great news!

Anyone observing bugs like double arping response from ISP side or packets losses ?
Do we need some wan/lan filtering ?
I have double arping response and this does not seem correct for me ...

Will this remove the 2Gbps CPU bandwidth patch for D-Link Dir-882 A1 ?
My git skills are still pretty basic.

git checkout openwrt-23.05
git reset --hard f1c9afd
git checkout 81bd10e target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_dlink_dir-882-a1.dts
git commit
git rebase --onto v23.05.2

It should be something like:

git checkout openwrt-23.05
git revert <commit>

@arinc9, is there any progress on your work on the MT7530 DSA subdriver to allow changing the CPU port the switch port connects to, as you mentioned here?

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Yes, I am actively working on it. The next step will be to develop the UCI syntax for it so that the feature will be available to be configured via UCI (and therefore LuCI).


Fantastic! What is a realistic timeframe do you think? Is the UCI syntax for it something you'd like to do yourself, or something you'd prefer to farm out? If the latter, do you have any candidates?

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Realistic timeframe for having the feature supported on MT7530 DSA subdriver is 3 months. For the new UCI syntax, I've got no idea. I won't work on it myself but will try to do something together with the UCI maintainers.