2 Gbps WAN/LAN NAT Routing on ramips MT7621 devices

You seem to be confusing hardware offload with what this topic is about?

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Yup. My bad I got this entirely wrong :confused:

Any luck with trying this concept on Tplink Archer C6 (v3 / v3.20) ?
Can somebody build sysupgrade firmware update file with the patch or explain how to do it myself for the above model?
What are the chances that this feature gets integrated into the next release (build) or should it always stay as a patch?

You can use the firmware selector.
It is advised to add luci as customized package.
As this patch has already been merged, it will be included in the next major release. In the mean time it is only available within master snapshot.

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I don’t think that the C6 v3 has this enabled, even in master. The current master file is https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/blob/master/target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_tplink_archer-x6-v3.dtsi

The patch to apply is in this post and as you can see it removes the WPS button, which is clearly present visible in master.

The topic is about WAN/LAN routing on mt7621, not WPS button.

What do you mean it has already mergerd?
So we don't need to create a customized image to apply it anymore?

that's nothing hard here you need only edit DTS file, if the device can support that setting.


The Archer C6 v3 is listed as "cannot support" the WAN/LAN routing throughput improvement. This is because the WPS button on the device is mapped to a physical pin on the mt7621 which is also needed for the routing improvement. You can't use the pin for both things at the same time so there is a patch in this forum topic which can be applied to remove the WPS button from the Archer C3 v3 DTS file and enable the routing throughput improvement.

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Could anybody confirm is this feature enabled in the current snapshot for c3 v3 ?


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Is there any differences/limitations in Openwrt usability of the router once the patch is applied ?

good in router mode as wan has separate 1G to LAN's 1G
bad for access point mode using it as a dumb switch cpu has to move data to old wan port

I'm guessing that model may not be wired in a way witch makes it possible
if it could it would have been done

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Is the boost applicable only to routing between particular interfaces?
What about VLANs are they affected in any way ?

it's just adding a 2nd interface & mapping the wan physical interface to it

so instead of limited to 1Gbit interface for everything
you have a 1Gbit interface for lan ports and a 2nd 1G interface for the Wan

but if you want to bridge wan and lan ports the CPU has to actively pass each packet via software
where if they are all allocated to the switch this is done via hardware

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having a look at this
i can't see why it can't have this mod done
and looking at the dates in the pull requests
I think it just missed out due to timing

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No, I did not miss it because of timing, please read the previous posts in this thread.

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While using VLANs the same physical port could be LAN and WAN simultaneously, does it mean that the patch will not have any impact then?

in most cases having 2 interfaces are better
but if you want to use all 5 ports as a switch
the cpu now has to do the work the switch was doing

you have to keep this in mine when you plan out your network

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What routing performance approximately could I get by having software and hardware offloading enabled without the patch on Archer C6 v3?