2 Different VPNs ? Possible? PC -> Router -> Internet

Is it possible to run 2 different VPNs simultaneously with the following setup:
PC (running OpenVPN either in Linux or an APP to VPN A) -> Router (OpenWRT
+OpenVPN to VPN B) -> Internet

If this would work, how would I configure the router? I understand it needs to run both as an access point and bridge mode.

If the router has an explicit route to the VPN server of the PC, it will work in parallel.
Otherwise, it should work as a nested VPN.
The configuration depends on what you want to achieve which is not clear.

See also:

@vgaetera, great link, thanks. What I want to do is have OpenVPN installed on my laptop and have it setup via Linux to connect directly to VPN1 (either NordVPN or ExpressVPN). That way, when I take my laptop to Starbucks, I connect directly to VPN1.

Then at home, I have a single router with OpehWRT and have OpenVPN installed on the router so my family always has a VPN. This would be a different VPN, VPN2. Then when I'm home using the internet, I will be going through 2 VPNs.

Is this a parallel setup or a nested VPN setup.

It is nested by default assuming that the VPN servers are different.
You can make it parallel adding an explicit route to the other VPN server on the router.

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