2.5gb overhaul

i'd like to start migrating to a 2.5gb lan, i have an unraid nas, a linux box, an htpc, and my workstation, i want to speed up local transfers

i currently have a netgear wax206 and an hp procurve switch, what i'm thinking to do is

  • router
    CWWK Mini PC N Series 8-core N305
  • switch
    TRENDnet 8-Port Unmanaged 2.5G Switch
  • access point
    netgear wax206

although the i226v on the cwwk is supported out of the box by the latest stable, i guess i'll need to build a custom image to increase the size

i'm considering reverting the wax206 to the original firmware to use it as an access point

any thoughts/comments ?

Easiest would be to just get the 2.5 Gbps switch (I would try to get a managed switch if that is not too expensive, it opens more options) and directly connect all of the 2.5 Gbps devices via CatX cables (with X >= 5e). Unless your Internet access is significantly faster than 1 Gbps I would not bother yet to upgrade the router (if you are looking for a new router anyway, sure weigh the 2.5 Gbps alternatives).

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I'm with @moeller0 here, buy a multi gig switch.
That's what I did.

thanks a lot for the replies @moeller0 and @frollic, my internet is not above 1gbps yet, so it makes sense to only update the switch.

i'll see if i can find a not so expensive managed switch

thank you !

I have two zyxel xgs1210 -12 and xgs1010-12 as room switches, the core 10gig connects to core switch tp-link 1700g-28tq , al run nice and fast.

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