2.5Gb managed switches - vsc7444

I was looking around for 2.5Gb ethernet switch chips, in particular ones that had some level of vlan support.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen a device that actually uses the vsc7444 (https://www.microchip.com/en-us/product/VSC7444) - it seems to be relatively well documented, and uses an architecture that seems well supported by OpenWRT. Also, the quoted price per chip seems very cheap - especially compared to the comparable Broadcom device (bcm 53457) (https://docs.broadcom.com/doc/5345X-PB100) that is, of course, only well documented if you pay up, and never seems to have great open source linux support.

I'm aware that the rtl9302* and rtl9313 exist; I think I've only seen the Zyxel devices that use that, but I'm happy to be corrected :slight_smile:

There is at least one Ubiquiti switch the USW-Aggregation that uses the RTL9303 and several EnGenius switches that use RTL93XX SOCs.