2.4 Radio not working


Radio0 not working. I am not sure what is the issue.

We are not sure which device you are talking about...
We are also unsure about which error messages you see in the system log...

In order to get any sensible answers, you need to provide some details about your system and your wifi config. (A screenshot about the wifi config screen does not tell much.)

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Given the history of your posts, please also include full and complete details about how you have changed the ARP table, the routing table, the firewall, bridging, packet rewriting, the full and complete topology of your system, all the IP addresses of the hosts involved, what tests you have performed, what connectivity you expect, and why you expect the hosts to be able to communicate in the manner you expect.




I didnt change any ARP table, or routing table.
Only I made the IPV4 to

Is there any flow chart to follow in these situations ? like a check list ?


: Router involved,

OpenWRT version

Custom build


and then

is the radio on

is the driver loaded


maybe starting from simple to more adventurous ??

Now I connected the router with the ethernet cable.


It doesnt show IPV4 OR V6 connectivity.

  • You are aware that, you assigned the same SSID to both the 5.4 and 2.4 APs?
  • Did you connect the WAN cable to your ISP?

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Without complete network topology and connectivity, including full details of all your alteration of routing tables and ARP tables, I can only assume that you are still trying to violate the basic tenets of networking, perhaps best highlighted by