2,4 ghz not visible (V.23.05.0 r23497-6637af95aa)

Okay, thank you very much and good night.

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@Hromodeus - did you get resolution for this, or are you still having trouble with the 2.4G radio?

Funny thing is, after restarting, this problem never showed up. Everything works as it did then and without any changes. I assume the problem is in the buffer or something similar. Maybe I should set it to reboot automatically once a week or something like that

You deleted all the APs you did not need on 2.4GHz, right?

I'm curious: is it still on channel 6?

I deleted absolutely nothing. Everything is still working as it was. Just a reboot. I'm assuming it's a buffer issue or something similar, but I could be wrong

Please look at the status page and see what the cpu load is.

And while you are there you can look at how much buffer you have left.

Looks normal

Actually your cached is down to 5% and you have no buffer.

So while I do not know why it takes this out on radio0, I'm just answering your question.

:spiral_notepad:also, you have 0% temp space.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll keep watching and as soon as I have a similar problem, I'll record everything).

Take note of those numbers and look at them during varying loads.

Darnet I read it backwards, that is the % you have used, not left. Sorry.