IP Address Already Used by my Router


So I know that OpenWRT by default uses an ip address of for ssh access. However, if my main router (or any other device) uses that ip address, you can't connect to the OpenWRT device via ssh. I have also been reading that you can't change the default ip address OpenWRT uses. Can anyone confirm? That said, the only fix to this issue I can think of is taking my router off of the ip address. Does anyone know how to actually do this though?

Thanks for the help!

Note: I am flashing installing OpenWRT on a Ubiquiti Access point not my main router.

If you download/install the prebuilt images, the default is but you can change the ip information to anything you want. If you already have that address in use, you'll need to do the install on a separate isolated network(example: laptop wired to ap) to prevent duplicate ip's.

Alternatively, you can build your own images which incorporate the ip information of your choosing using "custom files" during the build process.

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Any time there are two devices with the same IP, it tends to make both of them inaccessible and cause other problems with the network. On a new install, connect the router only to your PC and change its IP before connecting it to any network that also has a

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About the install on a separate network, do I have to reinstall openwrt? Or can I just go to a different network where isn't taken? Also is a LAN cable connection required in order to boot the device?


If its already installed and connected to a network already using, is it too late to connect it to my PC or can I still change it? Is it sorta bricked since I can't access it? Do you also happen to have a reference on how to do this?

Thanks but I can't try this yet since I don't have ssh access to the OpenWRT device. Unless those commands somehow work for my main router too.

There's not much magic here... it's very simple, assuming you're using (or have) a PoE injector.

Disconnect the OpenWrt device (your Unifi AP) from the network... the only connection is should have is the PoE injector. The data connection will then connect directly to your computer, and your computer should not be connected to any other networks (turn off wifi, too). OpenWrt, by default, will provide an address to your computer via DHCP and then you can browse to and change the IP address of the device. If you're using the UAP as a dumb AP, be sure to follow the dumb AP guide.

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At worst, you switch off your main router for a couple of minutes, so your new AP becomes the 'router' (albeit without internet connectivity) - make your IP changes, disable DHCPd/ DHCPv6d, switch on the normal router again.

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