19.07 (old stable) future support

Hi all, a quick question.

For how long will the 19.07 (old stable) branch continue to receive support? Or in general how is the support for an old stable handled?

There is no such info on the homepage afaict, maybe somewhere else? In any case I think it would be a nice bit of information to add somewhere on the website - even just in form of estimation - to decide and plan an eventual migration.

The current support status can be seen from

Previous time the "old stable" has been switched to "Security support" latest after the first maintenance release of the new stable.
See http://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2020-January/027032.html for discussion at the previous time.

There has been no change for 19.07, yet.
Possibly @hauke or somebody else will signal that sooner or later, maybe after the 21.02.1

There really aren't resources or motivation to maintain multiple stable branches, so in practice the 19.07 is pretty dormant already now.


There is no official word yet, but the plan has always been to drop 19.07.x as soon as possible (after the release of 21.02.0) and to divert the focus on 21.02.x and the next major release beyond that.

While there may be a final wrap-up release for 19.07.x in the future, I wouldn't plan with openwrt-19.07 into the future and rather schedule the migration to 21.02.x soon.


We have discussed the 19.07 EOL in todays meeting.
There will be an announcement soon-ish. :slight_smile:


Thanks @hauke and all for elaborating and sharing more bits on the docs about the general support cycle. Nice infos!

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