19.07 Compilation - warning message


I facing an issue with modemmanager during the compilation of OpenWrt 19.07. I have no idea where the problem comes from.
When I update the feeds and install them, I get that warning:

When I try to compile, I'm getting this:

And that is really strange because 2 days ago everything compiled fine with the same configuration file.

package warnings are common in the build system... and should not prevent you from compiling ( assuming they relate to something not needed )...

Yes, but it causes an error during the compilation of dnsmasq (modemmanager missing).
But it works perfectly 2 days ago.

And indeed, I can't find "modemmanager" in any menu of the menuconfig, but I'm sure having seen it in the past and having included it for compilation.

Where is modemmanager supposed to be in the menuconfig?

As the warning informs you, modemmanager does not exist... therefore it is supposed to not exist in menuconfig...

posting the error might be sensible ( and related pertinent compiler output )... i.e. how do you know it has anything to do with modemmanager?

The forum search is your friend:

The issue is just cosmetic, a warning, unless you really try to compile that modemmanager package.

And the warning only surfaces, if you have an un-updated feeds repo, like from 19.07.0. if you have properly updated the LuCI feed to the head of the 19.07 branch, you will not see that error.