19.07 a5-v11/mpr-a1 or $8 Router (un)support weirdness


I wonder why the mpr-a1 is supported in version 19.07.1 but the hardware wise identical device called a5-v11 isn't in the most recent edition of openwrt :thinking:

Fun fact: The mpr-a1 is listed under the a5-v11 as a variant: openwrt,org/toh/unbranded/a5-v11#variants (forbidden to post a third link :poop:)

I guess I could just use the mpr-a1 image on the a5-v11 but I wonder what this is all about? I know this 4/32 are not liked by the developers nowadays - but I can tell this devices do their job's since years and just working great. I don't need new fancy/heavy features. Just security and bug fixes would do the thing. I hope openwrt doesn't introduce a new type of planned obsolescence by stopping support the millions and millions 4/32 devices oute there....

One more device from the same family which also lost support somewhere between openwrt 18 and 19 is the target wr512-3gn-4M, nowadays only a -8M spin is available which will - for sure - doesn't run on my device with 4mb of flash :flushed:

On the other hand a D-Link dir-615 h1 (a 4/32 device like all others here) is still supported?

Same same but different? :no_mouth:

actually I just found out I'm running the 'a5-v11' on my 'mpr-a1' device

Update on this device. I created with the 19.07.1 imagebuilder a image for the target wr512-3gn-4M and flashed the compiled sysupgrade.bin successfully to my device.

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