19.07.7 imagebuilder mwlwifi error

I tried the 19.07.7 imagebuilder for WRT3200ACM but that can’t even compile a original file without my own packages addons because of error:

* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package mwlwifi-firmware-88w8964.
Make[2]: *** [Makefile:158: package_install] Error 255

Make[1]: *** [Makefile:118: _call_image] Error 2

Make: *** [Makefile:208: image] Error 2

I can live without that package because the radios are turned off as quick as I log in to the router, but can the firmware live without that package?

If you do not need radios than exclude mwlwifi from your package line, this should exclude the FW and the error.

I will try that in near future.
I saw that package is a extra package in the router profile so it is not a standard package for every router in that image builder.

This is a known issue:


The solution is use imagebuilder from snapshot for 19.07, the imagebuilder from 19.07.7 is now broken because of the change. If there is a 19.07.8 release, the imagebuilder release will be fixed, otherwise you can use 19.07 snapshot to build for now.


This is kind of a moment 22 dilemma because LuCI as a extra package didn’t work that good on the snapshot yesterday ether.
But as you said the standard snapshot build worked.

But this (as of time being) is more for testing and learning how the image builder works. I am planning to make a more custom image adapted for my settings instead of starting from the beginning every time I reset the router.

So now I had in mind to see if I at least can make a 19.07.7 build with all my add-on packages preinstalled and maybe also all ore some of my configs preinstalled.

Ok, I see… I haven’t tried the 19.07-snapshot.
I tried the Master Snapshot yesterday, when LuCI didn’t work.

19.07 snapshot for mvebu i.e. Linksys WRT3200ACM would be: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07-SNAPSHOT/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/

Note master snapshot is 21.02, so make sure you use 19.07 snapshot. I have built some custom images with it recently and it worked fine.

Building with snapshot can be unstable at times (package dependency issues etc). Generally however 19.07 snapshot should be fine. 21.02 has only just gone release candidate and not ready for production for most.. yet.


Tried it this evening and 19.07-Snapshot worked fine even with my add-on packages😃

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Offtopic, but slight correction...
There are actually three snapshots, as the stable 21.02 is already different from the development master.
There are 19.07, 21.02 and master snapshots.


Sorry, thanks for clarifying. Yes, I should have been clear master snapshot != 21.02 RC, different branches.

But when referring to snapshot in this case for building images for mvebu/cortexa9 it's 19.07 snapshot you need, not 21.02 snapshot or master, but you can of course build with them, but it's not the stable build currently.

We have to many snapshots😂

19.07 to do anything at all (but this isn’t visible in the root file on the download webpage) https://downloads.openwrt.org/.
Master snapshot to test LuCI DSA (but that had problems with luci so it wasn’t any point trying that).
21.02-RC1 snapshot to test something that really isn’t ready for DSA devices.

It is a little hidden, it isn't announced in the dir structure when browsing downloads.openwrt.org. @hnyman response in the originally linked bug report highlighted the path to me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen it either.

DSA itself has been ported to mvebu for a while in master and should work fairly well, it is the LuCI interface to manage DSA configuration compared to swconfig that is still under development currently I believe. That is one of the major parts left for 21.02 before stable. It is a good thing OpenWrt is moving to DSA to be inline with Linux mainline, but obviously a transition plan for users with existing swconfig configurations is required.

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I tried to follow a little of the development of 21.02 snapshot and DSA with LuCi before the release of RC1 since I got my new ER4 late last year.

So I knew that DSA support in LuCi wasn’t going with the RC1.

It was calm in the forum about DSA until then but a while after RC1 release the DSA confusion started in the forum threads.
But I feel that many actually miss intrepid or doesn’t read “RC1” in the file name and expect the 21.02 stable release. And get disappointed when it doesn’t work.

But as you say, we have to ride out the storm sometime so DSA will be implemented.

But from my viewpoint I manage ok with 19.07.7 on the operational hardware. And on the test hardware I rather wait until I have a LuCi showing me how the network config will be with DSA. I guess sooner or later I will get a Master snapshot with LuCi without build errors. I feel it will be double work in the long run (for nothing) to make a network config by force according to Linux kernel standard if our LuCi then uses other symbols to make the config.

Trying to clarify a bit more. git sucks so much I want Subversion back :confused:

master is the trunk, where new features are developed and tested

On feb we had master being branched for 21.02, they are now split and independent.

Stable branch is still 19.07 and it should be chosen by anybody that doesn't know which to choose. Its latest release version is 19.07.7 and at any time the branch may receive some commit.

21.02 was branched as I said, its RC1 was released a few days ago after almost 3 months of hard work and there's alrdy half dozen commits after it. There's 1,5 year of work on it above 19.07 and a lot had improved. I'm using RC1 and it's working pretty fine, but I so much wish they had waited for kernel 5.9 before the branching ;_;

Daily, buildbot builds all live branches into snapshot builds, containing all commits made after latest release. Of course, every branch has its daily snapshot.

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