19.07.0 installation on RE450 v2

looks like 19.07 has support for the re450 v2.
is it possible to install 19.07 sysupgrade after already installing the snapshot on the re450 v2? I did install luci, relayd, luci-proto-relay packages with opkg.
maybe it is better to start with the factory image for 19.07?
trying to avoid problems, not sure if snapshot and 19.07 are compatible?

was able to install 19.07 sysupgrade.bin from the command line. However the the network/wireless then showed three radio's (radio0, radio1 and radio2). radio0 was up and running as expected but radio1 was not (there are only two radios on this device). had to manually remove all entries in /etc/config/wireless for radio1 and radio2 then from network/wireless in luci re-configured the second radio. not sure exactly why this happened.. did notice a change in the path for radio1 from this 'platform/ahb/????????.wmac' to this: 'platform/ahb/ahb:apb/????????.wmac'

anyway, all is good now. successfully updated from a snapshot to 19.07

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