18.06 and MR3040

I was looking to install 18.06 onto a TL-MR3040. I downloaded the image builder and assumed everything works like it did the last time I did this, but now there's no TLMR3040 profile. Ok, glanced at the image builder docs, where it says

make image command will create a default image for a default device with default (essential) packages. In most cases it's not what you wanted.

Ah, so since there's no MR-3040 specific profile now, I can probably just do make image PACKAGES="..." and I'll have an image for the "default device" and I'll just use that. Well bin/targets/ar71xx/generic had no *-squashfs-factory.img for a "default device", only device specific *.bins.

I can't find my device in <target>/generic does that mean my device is not "officially" supported by whatever release I'm looking at? And, if so, for someone with no experience with embedded development, is using an older release the only option then?

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Look under tiny instead of generic.

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