18.06.5 on TP-Link RE450v1 change 5GHz channel by itself

Have a TP-Link RE450v1 range extender unit running in AP mode.
It is wired to switch, and on same LAN is also a R7800 on v18.06.5
R7800 runs 5GHz channel 157(40MHz) and 2.4GHz channel 11
RE450 runs only 5GHz, set to channel 108(40MHz). No 2.4 on that one.

Both were installed fresh on 18.06.4 and web upgraded to .5

Every once in a while, the RE450 starts transmitting on a different channel. Sometimes change itself to 157, other times i've seen it change to 36. It still has associations and works fine.

The status page shows the new channel. connected laptops agree with that channel. The network/wireless page still show it set to 108... but it somehow reset to something else, and that number is often (anecdotal observations) one of the nearby channels in my house or neighbor.

restarting the radio puts it back to 108, as does a change/reset/apply.
I can't remember 18.06.4 doing this BUT i also wasn't looking for that to happen.

Can upload logs etc later/this weekend if that is useful

This is most likely DFS or “radar detection”. If the 5 GHz channel requires DFS, it will take a minute or more to start to check for radar. Even if it starts on the channel, it will automatically change to another channel if radar is detected later. This is required behavior.


Thanks for feedback! I will try look for that event in the logs!
How does the new channel selection work? Random?

Usually the lowest available (i.e. 36).

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For DFS channels look WIFI if your configuration Country ( Advanced Settings ) is correct

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