18.06.3 how is it going? --> 18.06.4 --> 19.07 coming soon

As far as I know if you create a new 18.06.2 build using the Image Creator, it wil have all updates.


And that would still be compatible with the public opkg repositories out of the box? Or are you then expected to build all your own packages ?

4/32 warning that has been up for a couple years now—time for a new router with at least 16/128. Good-quality devices start at ~US$20

Edit: Yes, an image-builder assembled image uses the public package repositories. With only 4 MB of flash, you should expect that every package change you desire will require a new ROM. Upgrading packages in-bulk is not recommended, ever, for a variety of reasons.

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What are you more interested in:

  • 18.06.3
  • 19.x


I have the feeling that the latter might come first and ... soonish. :wink:


Don't get us all drooling @tmomas. I wanna see that git branch :wink:

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I'd love to know what people expect from a new version except for incremented version number just for the sake of it which much seems to be the case. Normally I'd say run master and report bugs but given that master is still on 4.14 which is pretty dated by now and many upstream projects have already moved on the master branch seems to have lost steam so to say...

I even warned people about that several months before it became "official" which didn't sit well with some but later as seen became inevitable in order to drive the distribution forward.


Well, if you look closely.... :slight_smile:


This is the heart of the matter.

git log --pretty=oneline v18.06.2..openwrt/18.06 doesn't show much there other than kernel-version bumps.

If you want significantly new or improved functionality, you should look to snapshots or v19.

remotes/openwrt/openwrt-19.07 (No, that's not a release, but just the first step of many)

NOTE: If you've got a 4/32 device, now is the time to start budgeting for an upgrade.

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Honestly, the only thing I'd like to see that isn't in the 18.06 branch (but is in master) is an updated version of kmod-sched-cake. Mainly to see how the fairness changes to the dual modes work with some edge cases I have at home.

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Let's be fair: that popped up after we both posted :smile:

Some of those bumps contain security fixes, the same goes for e.g. OpenSSL, cURL, mbedTLS, ...

There was talk of a .3 right after the latest WPA2 vulnerabilities were published.

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:frowning: there's no luci-app-sqm in the most recent openwrt-18.06 checkout from github. But at least the sqm scripts are there.

Also the kmod (kernel module) opkg packages from the 18.06-SNAPSHOT repositories are very incompatible with self built kernels (maybe because the module is already built-in). I guess I'll have to attempt the recovery procedure for the very first time.

Anyways, thanks for starting the process of releasing OpenWRT 19.07 :slight_smile:

It is there. But it is defined in the packages feed repo (not in the normal LuCI repo).

Sure. There is kernel version/optins checksum logic to prevent incompatibility between binaries in the download repo and kernel in private builds. If you do a private build, you need to build also the needed kmods.


Couldn't find it with vim in .config. I think it might folded into sqm_scripts

henk@DESKTOP-LGADNUE:~/openwrt$ grep -i sqm .config

But yes, it was there in the opkg package manager, but blocking on the kernel not being exactly the same as the 18.06-SNAPSHOT kernel.

can you tell my why it is not recommended?

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No ABI versioning, at least at this time, results in new packages failing to properly link with existing libraries, and vice-versa.

sysupgrade in v19.07 (and already on master) will supply a helper for reinstalling packages

        -k           include in backup a list of current installed packages at

which can be parsed to determine which packages were user-installed.

A secondary effect is that user-installed packages are not compressed in the same way as those on ROM, and don't remove the originals from ROM, leading to exhaustion of overlay space on flash-constrained devices.



$someone should perhaps create the still missing detailed explanation https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/upgrade_packages mentioned in the linfobox. Any volunteers for this task?

In general I'd say that updating packages are a bad idea and should be avoided since files are "masked"/hidden and most devices have very limited space to begin with.

Hg556a 19.07 haw are you

I am pretty sure you can upgrade packes in-bilk from opkg and stable repo
and in that page it says create new image.
does that mean creating one with imagebuilder or with sdk?

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

You have been warned. Don't complain on the forum and be ready to deal with the consequences yourself, such as manual dependency resolution and additional free space consumption, potentially leading to ABI-conflicts and soft-bricking.