18.06.2: Luci: Login only possible if IP is used instead of FQDN

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I just upgraded from 18.06.1 to 18.06.2.

Login via Luci is possible with this url:
but not with:

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Hi there,

I solved it:
I had set up a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS but after the upgrade the needed ssl package luci-ssl-openssl was missing so somehow the redirect interfered with the login.
After installing the package everything went back to normal.


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@joema -
Just a word of warning here... if you are configuring LuCI to respond on the WAN, you may want to reconsider. This is very bad security practice, even with https enabled, as the web server components of OpenWrt are designed to be lightweight and are not security hardened. https will not protect your router from brute-force attacks and/or other security vulnerabilities that might be known to bad actors on the internet.

If you need remote access, consider using a VPN or ssh on a non-standard port among other ways of doing this.

You're correct in general, but the FQDN here could just be internal such as router.lan as well.

@austinbutler - true, that's why I my statement contained an "if" :wink:

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