18.06.0 WR1043ND v2 and changing static IP

hello, I upgraded WR1043ND v2 from 17.01.05 (clean settings) to 18.06.0 without problem (sysupgrade). But if I want change static IPv4 address to from default, I must wait 30 second with warning that settings cant be applied and only way is reverting back or force apply changes... well after forcing my will I must manually restart router because he is not accessible. This "bug?" was in RC2 eater. (this problem is not present in 17.01.5 or 17.01.4)

...and of course, thanks for good work

When you changed the IP address on the router, did you reconfigure your computer to the new settings too? If your computer still had an IP address on the 192.168.1.x range, it was unable to find any device on the 192.168.0.x range.

I just saying that with 17.01.5 or 17.01.4 there was never a need to change anything only few seconds waiting (always clean settings sysupgrade).
18.06.0 cant change static IP only if I force do so. If this is not a bug, than maybe somewhat modified verification behavior.

Yes it is modified verification behaviour.