18.06.0 - WireGuard issue

when configuring wireguard
routers must be rebooted for config to take effect

routers are TP-LINK

models are C2600 and WDR4300

This is known. It existed in 17 as well.


On 18.06 and trunk, changes made via Network -> Interfaces only requires the Wireguard interface to be restarted. Router reboot is not necessary.

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It would be better if I can do this kind of job from a script.

Yes, thx
Only Wireguard interface need restarting

Fully scriptable,

but always have a router lying around for later before any future upgrade/update.
For prior testing

This issue is still present so I created a procd initscript that is trigger on peer change to recreate the wireguard configuration.
See my patch

Could you please try this and report back if this fiex your issue?