17.01.7 signatures missing

The signature file, sha256sums.asc, seems to be missing from all the 17.01.7 builds. For example, the ar71xx nand page lists sha256sums but not sha256sums.asc .

Will the signature files be added prior to the official release?


Current Old Stable Release - LEDE 17.01.6

So it's not finished yet.

Yes, but the 17.01.7 build appears to have completed over the weekend. Are the signatures usually computed at build-time, or are they added later?

Just wait until it's done and then look again.

and whios idea was to waste resources with these pointless 17.x releases

upd; oh so its flagged now, 17.xx suck a tiny one https://avatars3.githubusercontent.com/u/1156589?s=460&v=4

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Can you rephrase your question in a non-confrontational manner?

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Yes, 17.01 is now EOL.

Time to buy a new router if that’s all yours will run (or any 4/32 router, for that matter).