17.01.1/2/3 QCA988x ath10k 5GHz firmware crashed - zyxel nbg6716

you are probably correct.
so preferably we figure out where/how to get proper calibration data.
or figure out how to get the hotplug script to create the pre-cal file instead (but let it run uncalibrated)
or maybe use this option with ath10k: skip_otp=y (haven't tried it yet, but i'm assuming it'll run uncalibrated as well)

There are basically four ways to store calibration data:

  1. On the PCI-E card itself
  2. On the PCI-E card itself, but with the MAC address coming from elsewhere
  3. On the flash in a separate partition
  4. On the flash in the file system of the original firmware

If you buy a QCA988x card from Compex (I have one), option 1 is used. NBG6616 and Archer C7 v2 (both of which I also have) use option 3. NBG6716 obviously uses some other option, I'd guess 1 or 2, since 4 is quite rare. Following my previous instructions will tell us which it is. Pre-cal is only used with board-2.bin file, so that is not the correct way to do this.

I stand corrected... i guess it must be option 1.

removed (pre)-cal files
removed hotplug ath10k script

5Ghz is up with a valid Zyxel MAC address

Perfect! I'll send a patch.

great, looking forward to seeing the nbg6716's 5Ghz fixed in an official release.
many thanks for looking into this.

As Lede 17.01.5 is around the corner, can someone please apply the patch by malaakso to the lede-17.01 branch?

18.06 is around the corner, and "beta" builds are already up.

You'd have to check the source code to see if the patch has been applied or if the issue still exists.

The patch only got applied to master and is included in the openwrt-18.06 branch but is still missing in lede-17.01 branch which will be used for the 17.01.5 release. So yes, this issue still exists in the lede-17.01 branch, which is the reason i asked for a cherry-pick to fix this issue for the 17.01.5 release.

Ask in the mailing list. Devs don't care otherwise.

Did that, devs don't care either.

You could try again on the mailing list, asking if there speaks anything against including this patch in 17.01.5.

BTW: Any special reason why you need it in 17.01.5 (and why waiting for 18.06 is no option for you)?

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I asked one of the devs on IRC to look into it for 17.01.5.

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Never said i need it :slight_smile:
The thought behind that is the following: there is a bug which affects the 17.01-branch and there is a planned maintenance release coming up. In my opinion thats enough reason to backport a known working patch even though i am not in the need for it to be applied onto 17.01. Maybe there are projects out there that use 17.01 as their base and therefore benefit from this fix.

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@achterin Check this out.

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this same bug has resurfaced in the 21 and the 22 series - probably while migrating to ath79 from ar71xx

Behaviour and fix are the same, wrong caldata preventing the firmware load. : https://forum.openwrt.org/t/5ghz-wifi-doesn-t-work-on-zyxel-nbg6716-after-upgrading-to-22-03-0/136699/5?u=undef

Could you apply (your same patch) to ath79, so it can be included in the next release?


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