16MB Xor + 128 NAND or 32MB Xor for future use?


I am considering GL inet devices, which comes DEFAULT with openwrt.

B1300: (ram is 256MB)
Xor: 32MB

AR-750S: (ram is 128MB)
Xor 16MB + 128MB Nand

A1300 (not yet until dec, 2020), ram is 256MB
Xor "4" MB + 128MB Nand

They also differ in 867Mbps wifi vs 433, USB3 vs 2.0 which I don't care much.

I 1st pririoty is use openwrt for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

so should I buy one with larger Xor (B1300, 32MB),
or one with smaller Xor (750S, 16MB; A1300, 4MB) but with 128MB+ nand?

thank you.

If you have USB, the storage is not an issue. You can set up Extroot and use a flash drive for storage.

For the long term use, I would get one with more ram or faster CPU.

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