16MB RAM device?

I own a device with 4MB of flash and just 16MB of RAM, and would like to give it some use (any use would be fine). I suppose I could tailor a build to fit into 4MB, but I wonder if 16MB is too small to run even the kernel and a few other procs. What do you think?

Here's a good read: https://lede-project.org/meta/infobox/432_warning

You likely won't be able to use LuCI (the web interface) with 4 MB of flash.

Yes, I already counted on having an striped-down version without LuCI; what worries me is that 16MB of RAM might be too small.

Most likely it will OOM crash during boot even without luci. You won't be able to login with SSH or device will be in infinite bootloop. The best choice is using old openwrt version. Or have external swap if device has USB

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Thanks... that is what I suspected.