16384 bit RSA key

What's the largest bit RSA key supported by OpenWrt 18.x? I had no luck with a 16384 key.

are you talking about ssh keys?

Sorry, yes. Thanks for asking.

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39068473/what-is-the-maximum-length-of-private-and-public-rsa-keys for example, including a reference to a discussion of problems with 16k modulus.

In general, I agree with the comment in that thread

If you start hitting the limits, then it usually indicates its time to switch to elliptic curves. 16K RSA and 521-bit EC provides about 512-bits of security.

as well as wondering why one with such levels of security would be running an unhardened OS, such as without SELinux and the like for a Linux-based OS.