11s mesh and dhcp troubles


I have a working mesh (for a lot of devices), but some devices only getting an IP adress if connected with the DHCP server directly. It is a Kyocera printer.
Connected to a mesh point results in an ? in the router information.

When I switch of the mesh node, the device connects sucesfully to the Node where DHCP is running and receaves an IP as it should.

Is this an Konfiguration error?

I noticed other strange behavor:

on my MeshPoint (repeater), i have active DHCPv6 leases showed, althought this interface(Bridge) has the dhcp:ignore_interface set. Is this a correct behavior?

Other interesting detail:
the hostnames configured on de main meshpoint are not working for devices connected to other meshpoins. is that a wanted beavior?

Thanks for your help

You have to disable ipv6 dhcp separately.

The correct term is meshnode. A meshnode is not a repeater although if you only have one meshnode it will function as a repeater.

You should read in depth the following:


Make sure your mesh configuration follows these two documents, then see if your problem is resolved. If not resolved by this, we can look in more detail at your problem.