1043nd v1 AA ipv6


ive took a long break from router softwere.. so im a little rusty but..

1)i was wandering why are the only 800+ packages in 19.07 vs 3k+ in 12.09
are they still not compiled?.. considering 19.07 has 2 weeks from release
or just unmaintained and out of distro?

2)i try to switch to wan ipv6 as of this tutorial https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/ipv6/ipv6.essentials
it seems that it gets an ipv6 but cant ping ipv6.google.com
luci doesnt show the ipv6 inside >network>interfaces>wan; it shown only the ipv4
i can see the ipv6 inside status page
the ipv4 is still active

is there any way to disable wan ipv4 and use only wan ipv6?
if i get wan ipv6 can i use(NAT) lan ipv4?

my router is TL-WR1043ND v1 AA 12.09

ty for your help

What makes you think that? Sources?

What about >network>interfaces>wan6?

Is it a public ipv6 address? Show me your first block of your ipv6 address(es)

Why you wanna disable backwards compatibility?


1 ) @the time of 1st post 19.07 had ~ 840 compiled packages. 12.09 for comparison has ~3000 compiled packages; should i wait for 19.07 to compile more.. or ~840 are all? i see 18.06 has about the same ~840
i usually make a mirror of my platform

2 ) in my 12.09 after adding the specified packages.. theres no wan6 inside network>interfaces
i can pull ipv6 from wan interface>advanced settings>Enable IPv6 negotiation on the PPP link

my ipv6 pulled this way starts with "fe80"

my ipv4 pulls a private ip (ip CGN) im behind a ISP NAT router
the isp sed the ipv6 space is public.. so im trying to disable the private ipv4 so i can have only the public ipv6

i dont know about compatibility ipv6-ipv4.. but i guess the www(public) does the routing as it should. the only problem in my mind is if my AA router does NAT from wan ipv6 to lan ipv4.. or i also have to set up lan ipv6??

I don't understand how you can say that. Where did you get this information?
I count more than 8k...

This is a link-local address... So no public address.

@12.09 packages: https://archive.openwrt.org/attitude_adjustment/12.09/ar71xx/generic/packages/ ~3500

@19.07 packages: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.0/targets/ar71xx/generic/packages/ ~840

@18.06 packages: ~740

since the ipv6 that i get is pulled through ipv4 it might be the cause i get also private ipv6

seems i have to reflash my device

The packages are in http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/packages-19.07/mips_24kc/
You links are only specific for the target ar71xx and this target has the package arch mips_24kc.


i have 1043nd v1 it is ar71xx i dont know if mips_24kc work for me

hmm.. then i have to tolk again with the ISP.. but first ill try connect a pc straight to the line to see if it pulls a public ipv6

That was not a question, that was a statement.
ar71xx has package arch mips_24kc!

This would be a good starting point.

seems i need to hunt wiki to refresh my knowledge
why arent they in the platform folder? or are they compatible with more platforms?

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You are right.
All packages that are not directly related to the base system and the targets are moved to openwrt/packages, openwrt/luci and so on...


so ill link a pc to the line and if it doesnt get a public ipv6 ill tolk to the ISP

ty for your help
im out for tonight

in the end i linked a pc to the line and couldnt get public ipv6 with CGN active
so i tolked with the ISP and they sed they cant provide public ipv6 trough CGN/private ipv4(although 1 day earlier they sed they can..)

so the ISP tinkered a bit with their settings and now i can get public ipv4

so it seems ill stick with AA.. no need to fix working setup :slight_smile:


right, the older versions are always better..... like win95 or NT 4.0

@rj-45 prove me wrong new!=better
you can have win10 ill keep my xp (but most of the time linux win7 lost me for good and win10 is a NO NO)

also i only need NAT and 100Mb/s regarding routing part (i have some scripts in the background for low power pc part)

That proof is trivial, given the number of fixed (serious) security issue in current versions.


as i see it they are fixing it since DOS.. so .. try again
i hear these days they are hacking ram timings to decrypt AES
1 of many
2 of many

old is gold.. dont fix it if aint broken :slight_smile:
we return to plain old paper and pen

ive kindoff digressed from OP..

Welcome to the club

It is irresponsible to run known vulnerable firmware (and 12.09 can't even be considered semi-safe behind a more current router), both to yourself (welcome the SWAT team, if anyone used your connection to mail death threats or the MPAA/ RIAA) and your environment, as you maywill be used in botnets like that.


good thing i dont expose ssh/telnet to wan
also my ISP provides dynamic ip

i seriously doubt swat knoks to you door without mandate and hard evidence

regarding spam.. its a known fact that it represents 80% of internet traffic(most of it publicity).. the services have whey fatter clients then me.. but they chose not to

regarding my setup.. i state its safe for me.. might not be for others(depends on usage conditions)

could you put some light on why is 12.09 unsafe? can you make a wiki, id like to read it

Just read the changelogs of the releases following 12.09 and watch out for closed security issues.

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i will read it