100Gbps Fiber Nic Hardware compatible with OpenWrt x86/64?

Hi guys.. we have and old Dell R920 server around with 4 CPUs Eight core and 128GB ram..

I was wondering if there is any 100Gbps Fiber Nic card drivers support in other to test some hardware that could potentially do more then 10Gbps average speeds we get today we current setup.

Has anyone teste any type of 100Gbps fiber NIC on OpeenWRT?

Edit updated: Looks like my server is not compatible with Dells 100Gbps QSFP28 x 2 NIC either.. i would need to upgrade to a Rx40 EMC newer versions.. but looks like 40GBps NIC card is supporte by Dell R920 server.

Intel(R) Ethernet Controller XL710 Family is supported, but needs installation of kmod-i40e. This is a dual-port 40Gbps network card. I have no direct experience with it under OpenWrt, but, based on my experience in Debian, would definitely not recommend it if you use 256 or more VLANs. This negative recommendation is given because then the hardware limits for the VLAN offload are exceeded and the card misbehaves (and this offload cannot be turned off). What we did as a workaround was to create a bond over the two ports, and run ethtool -K bond0 rx-vlan-filter off before configuring any VLANs in the script, so that VLANs are handled in software at the bond level. Other than that issue, and its insistence on doing LLDP by itself (ethtool --set-priv-flags enp33s0f0 disable-fw-lldp on to disable), it's an OK-ish card.

The other important vendor here is Mellanox, and OpenWrt builds modules for both "Mellanox ConnectX-3 series" and "Mellanox Connect-IB/ConnectX-4 series" (kmod-mlx4 and kmod-mlx5 respectively). Note that the driver is built without such advanced features as IPSEC offloading. Based on my experience with Debian, I can recommend Mellanox cards in general.

Note: I used both types of cards only with direct-attach copper cables, not with fiber.

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