1000mbit routers, also why can't we use SFE for gigabit speeds?

I recently switched to gigabit internet. But it seems most openwrt routers don't have hardware NAT. Without this hardware NAT, the device uses a lot of CPU power for gigabit speeds. Can't do anything else much. Only mt7621 based ones have this, I had one AX23 but it had no USB ports. So useless. Linksys mostly don't ship here, even if they do, it's too expensive models. For now I am using freshtomato based Tenda AC18, which uses CTF.

Most linksys devices have mt7621, but they don't ship everywhere.

Also, why can't we use SFE? It seems to be another hardware acceleration method, which is also open source. Which dd wrt can use. Why not openwrt too?

The DDWRT SFE is the same as Software Flow Offloading, which you can find on Firewall > General settings

As the name implies this is in software and does not give you nearly as much throughput as Hardware offloading (CTF is the Hardware offloading for older Broadcom models)

My DL-WRX36 costs about E 100 and can easily do 1 Gb internet without any off loading (Quad core Arm A53 2.2GHz) :slight_smile:

Note: any offloading has its drawbacks


also all of its successor chips have HW NAT. mt7622, mt7981/6(filogic 8xx). But mediatek seems to have supply chain issues again, lots of routers seem out ouf stock.

mt7621 is a weak CPU, old and rather outdated for routers, it is not meant for CPU-demanding additional service hosting. And it is from a time, where more like 100mbit WAN was mainstream.
a few AX access points still use it (it is cheap and seems to have less supply chain issues). It is ok, if routing CPU power is not a priority (nevertheless OpenWRT v23 can even do close to 1Gbit/s without HW NAT on many mt7621 routers, but not leaving CPU headroom for other things)

if you need CPU power for anything beside routing/NAT/firewall, you need x86, not HW NAT.