1000 megabit/s fanless router >2 ports (no WiFI)

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I want to get a a router and wireguard "server" capable of routing 1000 mbit per second supported by openWrt. Preferably low power, fanless, with at least 2 ports, all-in-one package. Obviously it needs to support VLANs on all ports. I have a few AP already so no WiFi needed (one of which is doing the routing currently, but that is what i want to upgrade).

Any suggestions?

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Lanner NCA-1010 - Lanner NCA-1010 HW discovery
Lanner NCA-1510

Roqos RC10

SimpleWAN SW302DA, SW301DA might work too
Same as the APU2 below

Most/all PC Engines APU2 devices - https://pcengines.ch/apu2.htm

If you want to run wireguard at 1gbit, most of these won't cut it though.

I dont really need to run the wireguard at 1 gbit. I run that for privacy/security when i am away from home and to allow remote access to my home network.

Thank you very much for the suggestions, let me look into them.


The Roqos and the Lanners will probably be tricky to find, if you're in Europe.
I'm guessing I'm one of the few in EU owning two RC10s ,)
The PC Engines are sold pretty much everywhere, there are also links to resellers at their homepage.

Good luck.

If you can get by with only two ports (or add a switch, or use the switch in one of your AP's), the NanoPi R4S (no unique MAC address, 4GB with case option) could be a good option.

The rk3399 in the R4S has more CPU capability and uses less power than an APU2 (2W-7W, versus 6W-12W for the APU2). It costs a bit less too.

Something like this? APU2E5 bundle - board, power supply, memory, housing, Intel i211 NIC, black | PC Engines | Varia-Store

257 EUR. I guess 16 GB SSD should be enough. I dont intent to run anything other than networking related things (i.e. wireguard) on this (to keep things as secure as possible).

WIth 128 GB it would be something like 272 EUR. Would the extra 15 EUR make it more future proof?

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Not really, to give you some perspective, the default image size for x86 is 100mb.

That's a lot of coin for a Gbps router. An R4S ships to the U.S. direct from FriendlyElec for less than $100.

Since OP is talking Euros, I doubt US shipping will do him any good, but yes, 257€ is pretty steep.

@Ramon, see if you can find some used devices on ebay, but stay away from the ALIX model.

Of course not. But it may be worth at least checking out the shipped cost to the Euro zone considering $100 is only about €92. Shipped cost after tariffs, taxes, etc. kick in could indeed add up though.

Dunno about the availability, but the RPi4 could be another option.

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Indeed it needs to go to europe.

I see NanoPi R4S (friendlyelec.com) would be $79, but I still would need a SSD or SD card.

Would a SD card be good enough? Somehow I have more confidence in a SSD in terms of reliability.

Add 36$ for shipping. That is then $115 (excluding SSD). SSD would add $15? Add VAT and import costs. That would be something like $160. Cheaper than the option above, but this would be an external SSD then I guess?

You can run Openwrt off an USB flash drive or SD card, the system doesn't do any writing to the storage, except for config.

Take a look on fujitsu futro s920 + intel 1 or 10gig card, silent ,cheap and do the job .

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Absolutely - you do not need a SSD for a reliable OpenWrt router. Like frollic says, OpenWrt is not going to wear out an SD card - for the most part is just reads from the SD card to boot up. An SD card works fine on my R4S and it boots as fast as my AP's do from their flash.

A configured spare SD card also makes for a great back-up option. If you bungle up your configuration, just pop the spare SD card in and power it up.

I did many installs on x86, not much gain from usb stick to ssd or even nvme. But for fun and giggles hell yeah.

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I agree, if it comes with fixed storage, use it, if not, no big deal.

most of mine tc came with 16 or 32gig msata ssd.

How does the R4S differ from a RPi4B? Thought I read about quirks with the R4S whereas RPi4B is maillined now and incredible stable. I am doing 1.2 Gbit down/0.20 Gbit up on RPi4B + UE300 now with SQM just fine.

The R4S you're actually able to buy ?