1000 Mbps network card for openwrt, which one is better to buy?

OpenWRT will run on a virtual machine (vmware workstation pro).
What kind of network card will work without "bugs \ glitches", preferably with a QoS function. The network card will be pushed to the virtual machine.

Intel is the best (except i217/219/225/226)


Can you elaborate please? I must confess that I don't follow news about NICs.
A simple URL will be enough.

You need to check vmware compatibility list, incompatible devices dont passthrough. Otherwise you can have vmxnet3 or e1000 as you like.


if we skip the vmware part, I'm pretty sure used server grade BCM NICs are just as good.
cheaper, and perhaps not counterfeited as often as the intels.


is there an example of some kind?

The Intel i350 is one example.

It costs $:Intel i350 280-320 $.
Are there budget options for one port?

Intel Pro/1000 MT Will it work?

No problem whatsoever, what will not work is early realtek gigabit cards.

How do you know?

They were on all cheap motherboards one time. All intel netcards do well at wire speed.

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All intel cards will work well. e1000, e1000e igb , later two have onboard PTP clock, you will not have any use of it at home.

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Best to buy better motherboard with 2 intel or broadcom cards.

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there are network ports in am4/am5 motherboards that do not have normal functionality, so the load on the processor will be higher.

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Wow, that must depend on country. Ama$zon (US) has them for ~ $45. I found mine in the trash ($0).


It does working, I also have Pro1000PT dual port which is great as well.

Recommend buying dual/quad port card for better expansion in future.