$100 best router for 500Mbps download?

Already read it. I'm not asking for gigabit up and down. Already mentioned those 2 scenarios.

no, but you're asking for 500 mbit (?), out of 1400.

Yes. That's half the requirement the FAQ covered, maybe even 1/4 if you consider both upload and download together.

So yes, I'm asking for the same $100 budget router, if available, but I'm asking for it to do 1/4 of the performance that the faq thread stated.

Is this more realistic? I'm not sure, that's why I'm here.

500Mbps is already pushing it for all in one devices. Particularly with SQM.

Best bet is one of the SBC solutions like RPi4 or nanopi R4S. With the recent release the RPi4 should be stable. Not sure if the R4S is or not

Any thoughts on Microtik boxes?

I don't have experience with them.

if you want a all in one router capability sqm 550 / 550 mbps i suggère look my thread on belkin rt3200 or linksys E8450 is Armv8


You have something serious wrong with your router. Edgerouter x is a Gbit router so if you only have 150Mbit you have a fault somewhere.

Do you have 1,4Gbps down and 60Mbps up in a coax cable???
I have never heard about that speed without fiber.

Not really, it's still a 2*880 MHz mips1004Kc mt7621a SOC, yes its hardware acceleration can route 1 GBit/s wirespeed, but not while using sqm ("w/ cake") - not by far. The quoted 150 MBit/s figure is presumably within the expected ballpark for that.

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I thought I was going to be closer to 200 honestly

SQM really bogs down the ERX because it depends on an ASIC for accelerated streams that precludes any sort of inspection. It's pretty basic, underpowered MIPS hardware otherwise.

some mt7621 devices can be overclocked. but even then it's still mips24k.

Router OS 7.1 supports CAKE and fq_codel but their sub $100 routers can't do CAKE @ 500mbps, I think their new RB5009 can handle those speeds without problems since it's a quad core Cortex A72 but the price is $220 and no OpenWrt support as of now.

My best bet would be a RPi4 and external AP/switches as others mentioned.

I'm not opposed to the RPi4 but isn't it going to be a Frankenstein of a build?

Let's say we do it. Should i get one of the faster RPi4 or will any of them work?

I would need an enclosure, external switch, anything else?

Already have a Unifi 6 Lite

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Well yes, you will also need an additional USB to GbE adapter which may increase latencies nor decrease speeds.

If I went with the Pi Compute Module 4 chip, with the dual ethernet DFRobot dual ethernet carrier board...

Could I use my Edgerouter X as a switch for additional ethernet ports?

And then run OpenWRT SQM Cake to get much faster speeds w/ no bufferbloat?

Also considering the R4S

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I see no problem using your erX as a switch if you already have openwrt on it. rpi4 should handle sqm close to 900mbps

Unless there are obvious problems, the RP should be quite stable. I've been running one as a backup server for many months without any quirks (touch wood).

BUT they need to be shutdown properly (not just powered off) and they need clean power - get an official RP power supply. Mine runs off a UPS, and has not yet fallen over :slight_smile:

I dunno about all that - with ext4, maybe, but not with squashfs unless you've also mounted a USB drive and are doing a lot of writes. If you're using it as a router, power loss is a non-issue.

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Alternatively you could try a second hand ipq806x device (e.g. TP-Link C2600, I got mine for 20 euros at the time). It should be able to hit that 500mbps (perhaps with flow offloading or packet steering on). Otherwise you can also try a NSS build for gigabit down: